Intellectual Exchange

Asia has become the global nexus where innovations in new technology, rapid urbanization, environmental issues, a large young population juxtaposed with a growing older generation, widening income gap, economic uncertainly, political uncertainty and security concerns are converging. Given these challenges, Asia Centre’s Intellectual Exchange Programme (IEP) convenes activities that aim is to identify problems and seek solutions to cultural, economic, legal, political and social issues impacting Southeast Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific community. The IEP fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and collaborative partnerships at the national, regional and global levels in order to construct a world of peace, harmony and greater equity. It seeks to generate innovative thinking and problem solving of contemporary problems affecting humanity. Asia Centre through the IEP undertakes evidence-based research and disseminates its findings through commentaries and publications in order to contribute to policy-making in the issues affecting the region.



  • To identify problems and seek solutions to challenges facing the Asian region
  • To generate dialogue networks and collaborative partnerships
  • To disseminate research findings through commentaries and publications
  • To engage in policy debate


  • Convene seminars, roundtable discussions, workshops and conferences
  • Conduct capacity building and experiential learning activities
  • Publish books, articles, videos, policy papers, art works
  • Engage in offline and online media interventions


Target audiences

The IEP seeks to engage multiple stakeholders across all disciplines from academia, civil society, international institutions, policy sector, the private sector and the media. The IEP seeks specially to foster youth participation and engage them in the issues facing the region.

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